Explore Your Creativity

Don’t let the unknown stop you from progressing’

“Exploration can always lead to new possibilities, and it has the magic to open a new unknown world.”

So, never hold yourself from creating and exploring. It will open new doors for you. I believe in it! The question is “Do you??” When you dig deeper into your curiosity and explore, you end up with new beginnings and it can take you to the next level. This is one thing that I always had my spirit racing for. Creativity keeps flowing when you keep exploring and it could be anything. It could be learning new mediums to paint, trying to propagate your succulents, maybe baking cakes, and decorating them with fondant or learning to do fondant art or creating tiny figures out of Polymer clay. Well, they all are the things that I had explored, and they were all the best things I created in my life as a creator and a beginning for me to unfold my true potential. No matter what I did, they just helped me to keep my creativity alive and most importantly, they helped me to be me.

So, now you tell me, what will you start doing  to explore your creativity and help it to stay alive without holding yourself back?

Find one thing to keep it going and you will see the MAGIC happen!!

Here are some things to explore and get  started with your art journey.

Paint mediums like watercolors, gouache, acrylics, brushes, markers, pens, papers, inks, digital painting. Let me know what sparks you to get started with and to get your creativity flowing.

If you would like to get something started, you can check out my classes like Anyone can Portrait, Watercolor with me-Muffins, Watercolor succulents, create Illustrated calendar,Painting Echeveria, Loose and lively veggies and more here on Skillshare or on A to D academy


1)Find one medium that you have been thinking of getting started with.

What is that medium or idea that has recently come to your mind and you have kept it ‘WAITING’? 

I believe it is time for you to take that idea out of your mind and put it out there into action.

2)Without much thought, pick up one color from that medium and simply start drawing or painting strokes and some shapes that pop into your head.

3)Repeat this until you get into the practice of creating a creative life for yourself.

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