The Feeling of a Rusted Brain

“It is time to clean out the rusted brain”. As stay-at-home mothers, the one feeling we think we have is that our brains have rusted!! When I became a new mom it was joyful, but hard for me! Suddenly everything changed around me. My time, my space and me – myself. There were so many changes which were difficult for me to adapt to suddenly. Are you on the same boat? Well, along with that the most disturbing fact for me was that I was not working.

I got married after graduation and in a year’s time, I became a mother. Ever since, I carried a dream of becoming a designer for almost 7years. In 2018, when I joined Skillshare to learn and brush through my skills, I had that feeling of having a rusted brain. 

Why?… Because, after graduation in 2013 and until 2018, the only thing I did was cleaning my house, washing the dishes, changing diapers, taking care of my husband and little one, doing the laundry (which mostly my husband did). Well, all of this is important, but my skills were forgotten with my daily chores and all of a sudden when I started learning, it felt as though my brains were rusted and I felt the difficulty to start. Well, if you are rowing along with me on the same boat, then I would say, Just Start, Don’t hesitate, Just Start! 

Regularly, giving yourself that time and effort will definitely help you to clean up that rusted brain and make it more active and useful.

Exercise :-

1)What is the one thing that you will start doing today to clean your rusted brain and start moving towards achieving your goals or to do something more productive that makes you feel happy or to go from being a stay at home mom to a working Surface pattern Designer(if that is your goal)? Write this down in a book.

2)Create one artwork that resonates with this feeling. It could be anything, simple strokes, marks or elements that depict this feeling and situation.

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