Give some Self-Care and Self-Love

Being a woman, you shower everyone around you with love and happiness by adorning different roles, be that of a mother,wife,daughter,sister etc. But has it ever occurred to you that the most important thing in life or something to be considered as a priority is to start loving yourself.

As a mother, you have been caring & loving your child, as a wife, you have been giving love to your husband, as a daughter you have been giving all the love to your parents and as a sister, you have been showering your love and care to your sibling. You have been giving importance to all the people around you, both family & friends and you have been treating yourself with least interest. But now it’s time to show yourself some love & care.

Give some pat on your back and say you have been doing good. You have to tell yourself that you are beautiful, you are amazing, you are loved and you are a CREATOR.

There were too many things I used to hate about myself. The list was huge. I used to say’ I hate my forehead because it’s too big’ or ‘I hate my jaws because it’s protruding when I smile’ or ‘I hate myself because I’m too short’.These were some things that I was made fun of as a child or even in my growing days. But one by one, I started working towards it and started turning that hate word into ‘LOVE’.

I now tell this- “I love myself for the person who I am, the way I look  and for what I do and create. “I am a BEAUTIFUL CREATOR”

When you find something is not good in you, find what it is that you don’t like about yourself, what it is that you want to change in yourself and what it is that you would like to see in yourself as a person in your personal & professional life. Write these down, so it helps you see things more clearly.

To me, when my skin got worse with pimples, I worked on it through food habits and medicines to help it heal. I hated my flabby legs for which I started jogging and exercising. I hated myself for not being able to find a job in Germany and start earning, but I started teaching online & took small steps towards building my career, earning small incomes and I love myself for taking those small steps creating each of those courses & content for my students that helps them to find answers to their big questions through my explorations and processes which helped me in my work.

Whenever I start my day, I make a cup of tea for myself to show some self love because it helps me relax and calm down before I start working on my personal projects & artworks. I make sure to apply some moisturizer to help my skin tackle winter dryness. Each time I find myself worrying about something, I make sure to tell myself ‘It’s Ok, I am doing great at what I am doing’. Help yourself by giving some self-love and care everyday, help yourself heal and help your inner artist breathe and live.


1.Today I want you to write down a list of things that you hate about yourself. Write down why you feel that way towards yourself.

2.How can you change it and make yourself love what you do? What small deeds can you do for yourself to show some self-love and care

3.Draw or paint your self caring deeds

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